Monday, March 11, 2013

Making baby pants from Old T-shirts tutorial

You can make baby pants or pj's from old t-shirts.  T-shirt material is just perfect for soft baby skin, plus you're re-using yours, or daddy's old shirts.

First, make a pattern. I cut this out of freezer paper. Draw a shape similar to the one in the photo. The top should measure 9 inches for size 6-12 months, and 12" for 12-18 months

The top measures 9 inches on mine, because I'm making these for my grandson who wears a size 6 mos.

Pin the pattern to the t-shirt.  I pin it so that the bottom of the pants are lined up at the bottom of the t-shirt so that the hem on the bottom of the pants is already done for you. (where the arrow is pointing in the picture) Make sure to pin though both pieces of material on your t-shirt.  You'll be cutting out 2.

With right sides together, sew both leg pieces with your sewing machine on the line that is drawn on the photo.

Turn right side out. At this point you should have two separate pant legs. So far so good! 

Turn one of the pieces inside out.  The other should remain right side out.  Place the one that is right side out inside the one that is inside out. Line up the crotch seams.  You'll see that the wrong sides are facing each other, and you're ready to sew them together.

Keeping the seams in line, sew this together. 

Turn the pants so that everything is right side out.

Your pants are almost done!  There is still that raw edge at the top that we need to deal with now.
Turn down the top edge about 3/4 of an inch, and press.  This will be the waist. Sew this all the way around except for about an inch where you'll insert the elastic.

Cut a piece of elastic.  For the size I'm making, I cut a piece that was 16 inches long.  Attach a safety pin into the elastic to thread it through the waist.  Once it's threaded, remove the safety pin, and tie the elastic together.  Sew that last inch of the waist.  

That's it.  You're done!  Here's the finished pants.  Adorable soft cotton pants that won't irritate baby's skin. So, don't throw away those old t-shirts.  The possibilities are endless. 
Another pair I made with a cute flannel scrap: 

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